Stolt Tank Containers


Tank Container Depot, Skelmersdale

Stolt Tank Containers are a global transportation company with the world’s largest fleet of stainless steel tank containers.

In the late 1990s Stolt made the decision to locate a new depot dedicated to the refurbishment and repair of its containers in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.
With the setting up of the new depot in mind and the expectation of having hundreds of its fleet of 19,000 containers coming through the site each month for upgrading work, the company had to do its homework on which local supplier could be relied upon to meet its large, on-going and sometimes specialised welding needs.

Based on Kay Welding Supplies’ solid and hard-earned reputation we were asked to carry out an initial on-site assessment and an on-going projection of supply for the depot and we have been happy to keep Stolt supplied with everything that they have needed from day one through to the current day.