Pirelli Cables

Prescot Wiremill

The Pirelli Wiremill in Prescot takes ingots of copper and draws them out to manufacture 10mm copper wire that is then distributed to the electrical and automotive industries.
To prevent overheating of the wire in the manufacturing process a sooting procedure, using 64 cylinders of acetylene at pressure, is needed to act as a lubricant.
As Kay Welding Supplies were the firm trusted to provide on-going maintenance of the lubricating and control system at the site it was natural that we should be consulted when it was considered time for the control system to be replaced.
At first this was thought to be a straightforward task of replacing like-for-like equipment.  After we replaced the old plant, however, it was discovered that problems with flow and pressure were still encountered and that the age of the equipment was not the only factor at play.
Because health and safety legislation concerning the regulation of pressure had been introduced during the many years the old system had been operating, a much more sophisticated control system would now be needed to regulate the flow of acetylene into the factory building.
After extensive research we were able to locate a factory in Germany that was experiencing the same set of problems and, working in partnership with WITT Gas Technologies Limited, we were able to supply and install [product details to come] at the wiremill.
Despite the higher initial cost this has proved to be an excellent solution for Pirelli because of guaranteed performance and much lower maintenance costs.